Thursday, August 29, 2013

Father's Day

Father's Day is coming up this weekend. We are inundated with TV, Radio, Junk Mail advertisements for Father's Day.

This year is the first year Abbey has really noticed the fact that she doesn't have a Dad.

She was only 2 when her Daddy died.  She doesn't remember him.

Abbey on the Day her Daddy died

The first thing that triggered this for Abbey was having a Dad's night at Pippins.  She told her leaders that her Dad died so she didn't have a Dad. They said that she could bring her Grandad or big brother or someone else if she wanted.

My Dad stepped up and went with Abbey to Pippins, she was the only one there who didn't have a Dad. She really noticed that.

She has been drawing a lot of pictures of her and her Daddy holding hands, she has written a few letters to her Daddy and he is the constant topic of conversation for her at the moment.  For the first time I think she is finally realising what it all means.

And of course it breaks my heart.

I am a good Mum and I do all I can for my kids but I can not be a Dad.

I wish I could make this right and fix it for her but all I can do is be here for her to answer her questions and let her know how much her Daddy loved, adored and cherished her.

Life is really hard some days, especially when it is hard for your kids.


Cat said...

Love you lots Tracy
Sending all my love to Abby xxx
Tough Tough Tough

Sandra said...


Leonie said...

Oh my dear friend.
My heart breaks for you and for dear Abbey and Riley too.
Love you heaps xx

Sima J said...

breaks my heart hun xo Thinking of you and how even though they do not have a Dad present with them, he lives on in you - still sucks :-( *hugs* and sending prayers up for you xo

Terri said...

I wish I had a magic wand to fix things for all my friends. My heart goes out to you, Riley and Abby, just know that you are all loved by so many people. Love and hugs xoxoxo

Bron said...

xxxx hugs for you.

jacksta said...

Leonie said...

big big hugs x

Jennie Coull said...

:( <3

Clare said...

You are an amazing mum. I am so glad you share your story, Tracy... ((hugs))

mandyb said...

hard time for sure
oh ekkkk poor darling

thats why at kindergarten we changed it from Dad's night to 'special man in my life' without dads and seperated/single parent families could then be included!!! best move we made ever!!!

xxxxxxx to you all

Jenny said...

Yes it is hard. On the other hand, she has a granddad and uncles. Involve them in her life (and Riley's of course)