Monday, August 22, 2011

Surrounded By Boxes!

This is what I am surrounded with .....

Many many of these .....

I am excited, I can't wait to get to UNPACK. Packing is incredibly frustrating! I really don't enjoy it. But to think that this will be the last time I pack up and the last time I move house for a long time (or ever!) just makes me smile. I have moved A LOT!

Jase and I lived in 9 different houses together. I sure was hoping that we would be making this leap into home ownership together but sadly it isn't to be. Moving into this house is in a way a little bitter sweet. I think about him constantly. He was an awesome packer and organiser. He would have had things sorted and arranged without hesitation. I miss him so much and it still hurts so much but Jase is always with us as long as we keep his memories alive he will always be in our hearts and in our home!

But!! I still can't wait to get into that house and start making it our home!!


mandyb said...

ok i go offline from reading blogs for a few days and BOOM you write 3 posts!!!!
1. the food at that lunch looks yummo!!!! looks like a fun catch up too!!!
2. the pics from your mini getaway look heavenly...nothing like getting out into nature!!!
3...boxes and moving hate it too....but setting up at the other end is so so fun!!!!

Leonie said...

lots of love to you Trace, as you move into this new home.
It must be very bittersweet without your beloved to share this with you.
Im am looking forward to seeing your new home and watching you transform it into your own.

Rachel Kate said...

All the best for your move :) so good to meet you - your blog is very inspiring xo

Sima J said...

Yay for a new house .. and good luck with your unpacking .. I can't wait to see the finished product .. I'm sure Jase would be proud of you! xo (and lets hope your kids don't throw rocks on the road aye tehe)

Cat said...

so .. .. .. any calendar dates/themes for a house warming party?

That my darling is A LOT of boxes!

I last moved 13 years ago .. .. .. and lived in my childhood home from birth till I was 18 - did I miss out on anything with moving?

Jenny said...

You will love being in your own house and I understand just how much your heart is breaking. Lots and lots of hugs