Sunday, June 21, 2009

More LOs

I have kept up my Scrapping since seemingly getting out of my 6 week block .. it's been nice :)
Here are the latest pages ...

This was done for a chalenge which had to have One Photo (opps cheated there), a decorative edge using cutting, punching or ripping, ribbon or lace and bling (opps I forgot the bling) I'm quite pleased with this one, I used up some of my Kasier Sakura Park Papers which have been screaming to be used :) Sadly I used my last black flower on this LO :( Oh well good excuse for some shopping!!!

I've had these pics laying around for AGES!! I haven't known what to do with them until I was browsing through some galleries and got an idea from a LO on there. My favourite bit of this LO is the upside down T ... small things amuse small minds hehe. The stars and circles are from MME Just Dreamy, Star Bright paper range.

This is me catching up on the 52 Sketches, this one is Sketch #21 ... only 3 more to catch up!!

I am now taking a small break from LOs to make some True Blood ATC cards, I have to do 3 different ones, I have finished one set, have an idea for second set but have still got to come up with what set 3 is going to be hmmmmmm best get the thinking cap on!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey me again. I've just posted a comment further down on your blog. I've also blogged my LO for the TM challenge :-) I really like your Nutters LO