Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sick week

not just me but kids, it is the change of seasons. Green runny noses, constant coughing and feeling blerk! In the evening when I am usually crafting away I have been tucked up in bed reading or wrapped in a blanket having a hot milo. While my lovely hubby is in Spring and things are getting warmer, we are in Autumn and things are getting colder! Especially in the morning and at night!
Speaking of my husband ...
Last Wednesday (East coast American Time) he went off to Baltimore to the Army Base to do his physical testing for the Marines. He has been given the all clear and has passed his medical exam. He has also submitted his new package to USMC HQ and is waiting to be re-enlisted. The Staff Sgt seems to think that everything looks good and that he shouldn't have any problems re-enlisting. So we are again playing a waiting game to hear back. The way government departments process paper work I'm certainly not holding my breath for a quick reply!! But it's a HUGE step in the right direction so fingers crossed we will be joining him soon.

Because of sickness and feeling blerk and going to bed early and having not much creative inspiration I haven't crafted too much lately ... but here is what I have done ...

The Lil' Man LO is sketch #13 at 52 Sketches as well as a button challenge over at Fiskateers, The Two Of You LO, I used felt in my cuttlebug for the first time, worked really well and I will definately be experimenting more with that!!
Thats about it really ... off to have a check on this amazing scrap goody auction on Trade Me ... if only I had a ton of money!! Dreams are free :)

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Casper said...

(((hugs))) sorry to hear you've been sick. You'll have to show me how your cuttlebug works, I've never seen one in action.