Sunday, April 5, 2009


is just aroud the corner. This year I decided to make little gifties for Riley and Abbeys teachers and friends. I made these tags to attach to which ever goody I decide to get!!

To begin with I wanted them to be all the same, but I pulled out my scrap box and used up some more of my scraps!! So they turned out a little different to each other!
My darling mother has asked me to make a 70th birthday card for one of her clients. I am NOT a card maker, but I thought I might take on this project as well as trying to use up some more of my scraps to try make a little box of cards for myself. Watch this space I amy very well turn into a card maker!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah it is funny!!


Casper said...

I have heaps of stamps if you decide to turn into a card maker... I haven't used mine in ages.

Jennie said...

they look fab trace!! i like how there all a little different!!