Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fiskateer Online Crop

Last weekend I happened to pop into Fiskateers. I haven't been in there in such a long time it's crazy! But WOW!! Massive changes have gone on over there and I happened to pop in when they were hosting an online crop.

I LOVE online crops, even though it is difficult to manage to get much done with two kids and a puppy!!! But I caught as much time as I could and seemed to have my scrapping mojo flowing and ended up doing 3 LOs. Not only that but they are 3 LOs I am really happy with!!
So here they are .....

Cha Cha Cha Challenge Pump Up the Title
Make a LO of a team sport with a cheer as the title ....

Go Kamo! Go Kamo! ~ Hit A 6! Hit A 6!

Last year Riley started playing Cricket for his school team. He has never been interested in playing any sports before but for some reason he got excited about cricket. I pounced on his enthusiasm and away he went! He plays in what they call "Give It a Go" Cricket. It's a fun way for the kids to learn the skills needed to play cricket, and to learn about the basics of the game in a really fun way. Riley is thoroughly enjoying it. I am loving it and it has been so good for him. He is getting more confident within himself and I believe that playing cricket has had a lot to do with that. Riley's team are amazingly supportive of each other, he is the smallest on the team and never gets left out, always gets encouraged and never laughed at or put down if he misses or gets out. I am really enjoying how cool this whole cricket thing is!

Cha Cha Cha Challenge Punch Punch Punch Your Scraps
Create a LO using your scraps and your Fiskars punches

Using leftovers from one of the packs I got at the Christchurch Scrappin' Patch Retreat, I used my Fiskars circle punch & my Threading Waters border punch.

Halloween 2010 ~ My Mum & I made the best Sheriff Woody costume ever! And Riley rocked it BIG time!!

Cha Cha Cha Challenge Celebrate C-H-A
C ~ Cloth - I used Ribbon
H ~ Heart - hanging off my ribbon
A ~ Apple - apple button as well as on the pic of the book cover

Some CRAZY ladies who I call friends convinced me to go to the midnight premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 1. Well I managed to stay awake and have a really good time! The girls who organised it put together some awesome goody bags and decorated up RYNOZ (the before the movie meeting place) and the movie was my favourite so far! I am crazy in saying that I am looking forward to the next midnight premiere for part two!!

I am glad I seem to have my scrapbooking mojo back after having a bit of a holiday! So watch this space for more LO from me (hopefully!!)

Happy Scrapping!!

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