Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Snapfish .. you ROCK!!!!

I got a free snapfish photo book from Orcon (thanks Orcon) for being a great customer teehee!! And OMGoodness!!!! It arrived yesterday and I just HAVE to share!


Mummy & Daddy loved each other very much, so much that they got married on 15th November 2003

And had two beautiful babies together. First we became a family of three with the arrival of Riley Jay on March 19th 2005

Riley had Daddy wrapped around his finger from day one! Our first holiday as a family to USA, we sure had fun in new York City

We did lots of fun things as a family, like feeding the ducks at Mair Park with cousins Jasmine & Zane. Riley and Daddy always had alot of fun, at the park, on Guy Fawkes and goofing around at home.

And then along came Abbey on July 27th 2007, and we became a family of four. Abbey also had Daddy wrapped around her finger from Day one, but she also had a Big brother to adore her as well.

We had lots of fun together as a family, going to fairs, having parties, dressing up at Halloween, and just goofing around together. We all loved each other VERY much.


Riley and Abbey love Daddy and we ALL miss him VERY much

We miss doing fun things with Daddy and miss him catching us when we fall. But we will always remember all the best times we had and the sad ones.

We will remember Daddy's love, his infectious grin, his sense of humour, his silliness and his loyalty.

We will love you forever Daddy and even though you aren't wit us we will always be a family and will never forget you ... RIP xxxx

The Palmers


Casper said...

That's beautiful Trace!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful keepsake!!! so so special

Jenny said...

That's beautiful and your words gave me puddly eyes