Monday, January 25, 2010

Busy Beaver

I have been soooooo busy crafting it's awesome!
My big news is I have had 2 Los put on the shortlist for the only NZ Scrapping magazine Up2Scrap. I won't find out until the end of March if they will definately be published but I'm pretty stoked to be put on the shortlist to begin with!

Fiskateers are having a HUGE 5 day online crop at the moment ... only having dial-up internet has it's major disadvantages! But I have participated as much as possible anyway!

So here are a couple of LOs I have done since I last posted :)

And thanks so much to Jennie who made me the wonderful plaque which is my new banner, when it arrives in a box I will be attaching it to my craft room door :)

1 comment:

NanaBeth said...

How come I didn't realize you had a blog? No mentioning old age please. Loving the colors of your new plaque-so very Halloweeny!