Tuesday, March 3, 2009

POST 100!

If my calculations are correct this is my 100th post wooo for me!!!

I have been busy doing LOs lately which I'm really happy about. Tonight I have finished one I started a couple nights ago and started a new one, since I have been sitting staring at my almost complete LO for about 1/2 an hour I thought it was time to leave it alone and have another look tomorrow .. I'm also yawning my head off!! So am thinking bed is sounding REALLY good!!
Anyway here are my latest works :)

I am a little bit anal about some things, and one of the things I am really anal about is how I put my LOs into the kids albums. They have albums each, several each, and I am a stickler about having all the LOs in chronological order. I don't, however, scrap in chronological order! Although I am trying!! But because of that I have a stack of LOs ready to be filed!! I NEED more albums!!!! Anyone know where I can get some nice looking cheap albums? Let me know!!

My hubby is the best man in the world, I love him to death and miss him terribly. But while he has been in america he has been buying me lots and lots of lovely scrapping related items. Sadly although I am the proud owner of some things, such as a Fiskars Threading Waters Border Punch, I am unable to use them :( I am going to finish this post off with a few pics my dear husband has sent to tease me!!


Jennie said...

ohhh lots of new goodys ...lol greatlos too !!!

Jodi Wilton said...

Looks like you got lots of fun stuff to play with... soon! When does he come home?

TracyP said...

He may not be coming home Jodi, we may be joining him over there, totally depends on if he gets the job he's trying to get or not ... we will know for definate at the end of March.

Nic said...

holy moses! the man can SHOP~ lol