Friday, November 22, 2013

Internet Friends

So I was reading this blog post this morning, from one of my favourite bloggers (and who I have had the pleasure of meeting!) Lisa over at All In A Daze, all about how she has Internet Friends. It got me thinking.
A scary thought .. me thinking ..

In her blog post Lisa says
There’s is often talk that the internet is making us lonelier, or devaluing 'real life' friendships.
I agree with her when she says that that isn't an issue.  Personally I think if anything the internet, for me, has given me MORE 'real life' friendships.

I met Jason online. I never went into a chatroom looking for love. It was a random thing that happened. I didn't even have a computer, neither did Jason. We met and talked online and over the phone for 6 months before he came out to NZ from the USA and the rest is history, he kind of never went home.
It was about 4 years later that we finally got a computer of our own. Abbey was about 6 months old.

The first thing I got involved in was the online crafting community. I joined up with a few message boards.  I met a few online people who had lots in common with me, we shared many of the same hobbies and they were around to talk to when I was at home alone with my little kids.

Not long after I got into the world of blogging. It started out as a forum to share my crafts with like minded people and ended up being a semi life story!
My very first blog post was on May 15th 2008 - WOW!!!  I can't believe I have been doing this for 5 1/2 years!

Through blogging I have met even more people.

I can't really remember how or why or where of the most of them. But I have developed some really strong friendships with these women that I met through the internet.

I think I now have more friends that I have met through the internet than I have met in other ways.

And in no way are these people ONLY friends via the computer screen.

I have met MANY of my online mates. There are still a few I am hanging out to meet.
I have been on retreats, visited their homes, they have visited mine. We have met for lunch or dinner dates. We go camping together, our children have become friends with each other.

Then there are the exceptions. The ones that have become more than just friends. The ones I class as my family. The ones that drive 7 hours non-stop to be with me after Jason died. The ones that fly up from the South Island to surprise me on my Birthday. The ones that have accepted me into their homes and lives and taken me to family events. The ones I meet regularly to craft, drink, chat or gossip with. The ones that grace me with precious gifts that I can't even begin to repay.

I think my life has been enhanced by the internet. People who I otherwise would never have met have become my favourite people in the whole world.

To those of you who I am talking about, you know who you are, I LOVE you all. Thankyou for making my world a better place. To those of you who I met in other ways, I love you too!!!


Jennie Coull said...

Right back at you sweets!!

That'll do said...

I totally agree with you. I find that facebook and the internet enhances friendships that may have otherwise flickered and died. I have a large circle of friends around the country and the world that I would have lost contact with were it not for the internet. I'm grateful :)

mandyb said...

great post!!!
and yeah its true!!! online friends can be just as good....but meeting them can be even better

do hope to meet ya one day xxx

jacksta said...