Thursday, October 31, 2013

Things I'm Loving

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for no matter how simple it is. 

I am LOVING that I have finally finished the playroom!! Riley and Abbey LIVE in this room now. Their toys aren't in my living room anymore!! I can sit on my couch and read quietly or listen to the radio in peace while the kids play with the lego or "cook" in their kitchen or watch TV. It is FANTASTIC!!! Plus it is such a fantastic place to hang out together as a family to play games, watch a movie or whatever. 

My Aunt is moving house and getting rid of quite a bit of stuff.  She asked me if I wanted this massive notice board. I thought about where I would put it before I said yes, which is pretty impressive for me! Usually I would have just said yes! I thought it would fit perfectly on the wall in the hallway between the kids bedrooms. Mum and I had seen some awesome NZ themed fabric in Spotlight the day before so I knew exactly what I was going to cover it with. I think it looks so good in the hallway! I might need to change the colour of the washi-ed light switch cover to match though!

I am LOVING that my builder came and did this to my bathroom today!!! Sooo excited to be getting a new bathroom!!!!

While at the Warehouse this week the kids and I fell in love with these adorable Christmas Cat costumes. I didn't think the cats were going to be overly impressed with me dressing them up but I couldn't resist buying them.
Comet was surprisingly co-operative, Phoebe and Twinkles not so much!! But nawwww how cute is my little kitty!!

Speaking of costumes .....
Today is Halloween!!
Although Halloween isn't really a New Zealand tradition we have always celebrated it with the kids. Since they are 1/2 American I like to give them a taste of that side of their heritage. We don't trick or treat but we do have a Halloween party. This year due to camps and other such things our Halloween Party is going to be a week later than usual. But that doesn't stop us from decorating the house up!! I love having American family who send AMAZING care packages with the most amazing Halloween decorations! This witch is my favourite!! Thanks Mom!!!

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Leonie said...

Love your play room! and YAY for the bathroom!
Hehe about the kitty costumes!

Renee said...

The play room looks Awesome!! Good work!! Love the fabric you used on the notice board too! Your cat looks pretty chuffed with his outfit i thought!

Cat said...

*giggling* at poor kitty
and I LOVE the play room xxx
Happy Halloween Palmer family x

Lisa Stirling said...

the play room is epic x

mandyb said...

oh i am still laughing at the cat pic.,,poor kitty!!!

loving that playroom too!!!
go you!!!