Monday, September 16, 2013

Mug Swap 2013

I have joined up with the NZ Blogger Mug Swap this month. It's pretty exciting!
Everyone send and receives a mug with goodies! I got my person last night and started shopping for her this morning. I really hope she likes what I get for her. I hope from getting to know her through her blog that I got the bits and pieces right. I hope that I give her a big smile and everytime she drinks from the mug I got her that she will smile.

I can't wait to find out who got me! I hope that there is enough info on my blog that she can figure out what I like! I'm not going to be easy and tell her in this blog post, I'm going to make her do some research hehehe.

This is soo much fun!!!


Jennie Coull said...

can't wait for this one!! so excited to see all the cups!!

Alisa said...

I would certainly have trouble figuring out what your favourite colour is Tracy. Maybe you should at least give that wee snippet away... hehe

jacksta said...

fun aye

Leonie said...

such fun!

mandyb said...

what a fun idea!!!
cant wait to hear/see what you get