Saturday, April 24, 2010


This week has been rather crazy!
Firstly .. I started back at work full-time this week - Monday-Friday 9am-3pm. There were a couple of mornings I REALLY wanted to call in sick but I fought my way through and made it through the whole week. I will be happier with myself once I get my first paycheck!!
The benefits of the job are ....
*Good Pay (we really need the extra money!)
*I can take Abbey with me (I'm a Pre-School teacher)
*They are letting me work school hours
The downfalls of the job are ...
*I have to go there instead of staying at home
*I am so tired I don't feel like crafting as much
Like I said, I'm looking forward to getting a motivational boost when my first paycheck comes in!
Secondly .. My Aunt and I dedcided to go to the local Craft Fair here that they have once a month. It was on today. I have been crazy crafting for it for the last week and I sold one thing. ONE thing, at least it paid for the charge of the table, but it was a little disheartening. I did get alot of interest in my items and a lady who is setting up a craft fair type thing asked if I would display my items there so that was a bonus. I have decided that this may be a good time to launch my Online Scrap Heap Store. I made the site a while ago but haven't advertised it, I guess now is the time so go check it out, buy my stuff (hehehe)
Thirdly .. My scrapbooking classes. Thankfully no-one booked into the crop this week so I didn't have to go out. Next Thursday is the next one so I have to get prepared for that. Because of the Craft Fair I haven't really prepared yet so this week will be mad preping for the Class!
Oh well I guess it's better than not having enough to do!