Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Busy Busy times with Excellent Changes Ahead

Well life for me over the last year has been very topsy turvy. In July last year my husband and I decided to swap roles for a while. I earned more money than he did in his job so I went back to work full time while he stayed at home with the kids. It wasn't what either of us really wanted but it was what was best for us at the time. In November Hubby decided that he wanted to take us home to the United States and re-enlist himself into the US Marines. He thought it would give our family stability and opportunities we could never get in NZ, so off he went to America. 8months later he returned back to New Zealand downhearted and disapointed. Due to the economic situation in the US the Marines were no longer taking re-enlisties ... 8 months of hell wasted. Hubby didn't know what to do. He re-appiled for both the NZ Police and NZ Prison Corrections and after taking many tests, filling out countless applications, having many down moments we have finally hit the jackpot!! Hubby got a job at the Spring Hill Corrections Facility in Te Kauwhata!! Sadly it's an hour and a half drive from where we live now so time for a move. We found a house in Pukekohe and move in on November 7th. Sadly, since hubby had to start training for his job he has had to go away again, but this time he can at least come home for weekends! So things are on fast forward now! There is packing and planning and oh so much to do! The one sad thing about us moving is leaving the friends we've made here behind.
Soooooooo .....
The last couple of weeks I have been crafting gifts madly for everyone at my work. These people have been not only my co-workers but most importantly my friends. They supported us when Abbey was born, when we were car-less after our car was stolen, through my 8 months of sadness with Jason away, and even now helping us out with a second car and major support through our latest journey. Now I have finished the gifts I will have to sadly pack up my craft space ... in the new house I won't have a craft space anymore ... I'll have a craft ROOM!!!!!
Anyway ....
Here are the gifts and things I have been madly making over the last couple weeks ....

These are for all the little girls and boys that I have had the pleasure in teaching over the last year and a bit ... also for Riley and Abbey's favourite friends. The Pink for the girls the blue for the boys (teehee) they have a little chocolate inside each one.

For each classroom (Cherry Bytes, Small Babies, Babies, Toddlers, Pre-school 1, 2 and 3, the Kitchen and Office)I made a clipboard.

For Abbeys teachers Jan and Sofie I made note pad holders and for Becki an art work holder, all to go on the fridge

And also one for Riley's teacher Nina

So I'll be a bit quiet for a while but I promise my first post in my new house will have pics, or even a video, of my new craft room!

Until then ...

Happy Scrapping :)

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Bronwyn Theresa Bell said...

Good Luck with the move and everything Tracy. Aparently there is a scrapbook store called Bee Creative on Creek St in Drury which isnt far from Pukekohe...I havent been there yet, but I saw an advert for it at a supermarket one day and someone at Scrapbook Studio in Mt Wellington informed me about it also.