Sunday, September 7, 2008

Scrap Camp

On Friday I will be jumping on a bus and heading of to Turangi to go to SCRAP CAMP!!! I am very excited! It is the first Camp I have been involved in!! I want to start off and send a BIG shout out to the wonderful people who donated goods for our camp ....

Bruce from Fiskars gave us a wonderful bag of goodies which we will be fighting over!! Plus he was lovely and bought me a hot chocolate!! Thanks soooo much Bruce and Fiskars!

We also got some wonderful paper packs from Paper Pesto, again there wil be fighting lol!! Thanks so much to Kate and the team over there!!

And lets not forget about the box of Adhesives from 3M! Thanks so much to them!

I will be posting pics of the weekend afterwards but I thought I'd do a little shout out first!!
I can't wait!!!

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Colleen said...

Scrap Camp sounds like so much fun. Have a good time.