Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hair Today .... Bald Tomorrow!!!

Remember back HERE when I told you that I was going to shave my head for Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand?  Well on April 1st the kids and I got up early and headed to Auckland to join up with 3 other Crazy Brave ladies to shave off our lovely locks!

The Before Pic .... Me, Danielle and Archer 

So after a glass of wine and lots of pep talking the clippers were pulled out and off came the hair!!

It was the weirdest feeling ever! Abbey was NOT impressed. She wouldn't talk to me for a while!! Riley thought it was hilarious and laughed at me .. a lot!

The After pic ... Archer, Danielle & Me

It still feels bizarre! I am continually rubbing my head and wind, rain, hats all feel really strange on my head! I haven't been brave enough to go out in public without a hat or beanie yet. I am thanking my lucky stars that it IS beanie weather!

But it was SO worth it! 

 Me, Archer, Danielle, Nina & Tracey

The combined total of money rasied by these 5 crazy brave ladies was a whoping $3161!!!! AMAZING! I am pretty proud of that effort! Totally worth having no hair for a while.


jacksta said...

Neetz said...

Very proud of you my friend <3 Much love xxx

Devour the words said...

Well done you. I did consider doing it but really I have just managed to grow back a bit of hair since they shaved half it off.. I wasnt brave enough to take it off again.. lol

You all look great with the GIJane look... :)

Congrats and well done.

Beryl said...

Tracy, you are one amazing lady. COngratulations for raising the money for such a good cause & for the courage to lose your hair for it. You look awesome.
Warm Fuzzies coming your way, {{{{{{{{{{@}}}}}}}}}}

PaisleyJade said...

You totally rock Tracy!! Will try to drop off your beanie in the next day or so. xoxo

mandyb said...

i love it and think you look so sexy!!!
Saw lady tonight who had also done it.....she was glad it was cold too!!!!

well done on all the $$$$

Anonymous said...

This was such an amazing thing you did Tracy!!! soo soooo proud and priveledged to have you as a friend! everyone needs people like you in their lives, am sure glad I do xxxx

Miriam said...

Well done that is totally awesome and incredibly selfless.

banban said...

Awesome!!! I'm impressed, good on you guys.xx

Sima J said...

Well done you :-) xo